Gang002 (Gang002)


| This site is Hacked !! |

| Don't worry!! We won't do anything bad. We are just showing you guys that your system is weak so make it secure. We can help you in this, you can contact us and we will tell you what the vulnerability was and how could you fix it. |

| We don't have any bad intension. If we had bad intention, we would have completly destroyed your whole system but we haven't done anything expect defacing and redirecting the site. We know you will fix this within 1 or 2 days. If we had just reported the bug, you would not have ben serious about this so this hack is just to increase your efficiency. We want safe cyber security Gang002 Pouse it. |

| #Instead of searching for us, please secure your systems. We are always active to make World online time more secure. Lets secure World together. |

| And For the public: |

-= We are looking for your support. Decrease dependency with India as much as possible. Then only Greater World is possible, which is our main objective =-